Live Well Foundation of South Lake Granted One Million Dollars To The Community Foundation of South Lake

21 Aug

Live Well Foundation of South Lake granted one million dollars to the Community Foundation of South Lake (CFSLC) during the South Lake Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast on Friday, August 20.  This grant is the final of 12 grants from Live Well Foundation of South Lakes 2021 Capacity/Empowerment grant cycle and will establish a Live Well Foundation of South Lake health and wellness fund at the Community Foundation of South Lake. The Live Well Fund will support health and wellness initiatives under the $50,000 threshold of Live Well Foundation of South Lake Grants.

Mental health services, seniors, education for medical lab technicians, developmental disabilities, food scarcity and homelessness are areas addressed in the 12 grants distributed by Live Well Foundation of South Lake over the last two months.

Live Well Foundation of South Lake grants have been distributed to

Community Foundation of South Lake, $1,000,000; Feed and Instruct the Hungry,  FAITH Neighborhood Center, $800,000;  Building Blocks Ministries, $ 800,000; Life Stream Behavioral Center, Inc, $600,000; Food Provider Network of South Lake via CFSL, $545,448; Find Feed Restore, 295,470; Central Florida Hope Center, $260,000; New Wave Christian Church, $223,060; Lake-Sumter State College Foundation, Inc., $170,500; Community Health Centers, Inc., $167,140; United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties, $122,856; First United Methodist Church of Clermont, $50,000.

That’s an awesome total of over $5.34 Million to South Lake County Nonprofits!

Dr. Kasey Kesselring, board chairman of the Live Well Foundation was the guest speaker at the South Lake Chamber of Commerce Breakfast where the one-million dollars was presented to CFSLC. He stated, “The Live Well Foundation of South Lake sees the CFSLC as an integral partner as we work together to meet the needs of our residents in the South Lake community”. “Working alongside the Live Well Foundation, with this fund, the CFSLC will be able to address and fund smaller programs providing valuable programming that address health issues.”

Mike Bucher, board chairman of the CFSLC stated, “Our Community Foundation is so appreciative and grateful for the Live Well Foundation’s generous financial contribution that will allow us to invest in our local non-profit organizations that provide a variety of critical services to our community. This type of investment shows the synergy between the two foundations and how they will work together to impact the health and wellness of our entire community. ”

The Live Well Foundation of South Lake is dedicated to bettering the quality of life through improved health and wellness.

Live Well Foundation of South Lake is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors comprised of senior leaders in South Lake County from healthcare, financial management and operations, education, and other professions.

Board members include Rob Berens, Clermont Police Chief Charles “Chuck” Broadway, Rodney Drawdy, Dr. Jeff Duke, Shannon Elswick, Dr. Lushantha Gunasekera, Jim Hamilton, Dr. JoAnn Jones,  Chairman Dr. Kasey Kesselring, Susan McLean, Jimmy  Nussbaumer, Vice Chair Linda Smith. Donna Kirtland (Executive Director) and Kristina Rose.

The foundation’s mission is to inspire, through grant-making, sustainable initiatives that enhance the health and wellness of the South Lake community.

Founded in 2019, the Live Well Foundation of South Lake intends to be a long-term partner in bringing more healthcare choices and healthier lifestyle services to the people of South Lake County.

The Community Foundation of South Lake County was established in 1995 as a 501(c)(3) and the mission is to “Serve our community through the connecting of resources and intentional philanthropic giving.” Its goal is to SERVE, CONNECT and GIVE.

Board Members include President Michael Bucher, Vice President Sandy Simmonds, Don Rose, Doni Keene, Lance Sewell, Matt Manzari, Dr. Reginald B. Riley, Becky Elswick, Wade Boyette, J.D., Michael Spartz, Mark Starcher, Stephanie Mayuski, Paula Hoisington, Kim Sams. Kathy Smith (Executive Director) Haleigh Smith, and Brittany Timmons,

It’s Fun and Rewarding To Give And No Organization Does It Better Than The Live Well Foundation 

Pictured from left to right: Trish Kry, Keith Whitacre, William Linaja, Don Rose, Mike Bucher, Kathy Smith, Linda Smith,
Brittany Timmons, Jim Hamilton, Rocky DeStefano, Sandy Simmonds, Donna Kirtland, Becky
Henderson, Cesar Perez, & JoAnn Jones

This article was originally published in the South Lake Tablet.

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