Live Well Foundation Grants $550,000 to Find, Feed & Restore

27 Jan

Live Well Foundation of South Lake completed their Transformation awards cycle at a grant celebration last week.  “The Live Well Foundation board of directors has earmarked funds for a transformational program of high impact in the areas of homelessness and mental health with Find, Feed & Restore,” said Donna Kirtland, Live Well Foundation of South Lake Executive Director.

Find, Feed & Restore’s Hannah Grace Gardens in Mascotte will serve as a sanctuary for families in need of housing. The organization currently leases a triplex which will be purchased through this grant. It is also set to expand to an additional eight to 10 units on the property.

“We’re really excited about what Brian and his organization are doing for the community,” said Rodney Drawdy, Live Well Foundation of South Lake Board Chair. “These are services that are lacking severely in South Lake County and we are very pleased to be partnering with them.”

 “It’s been a great opportunity for the Live Well Foundation to work and partner with Brian to help families in need, regardless of the situation they find themselves in and to be able to help stabilize their family in a home environment,” said Susan McLean, Live Well Foundation of South Lake Grant Committee Chair.  

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